Anatomy of a Survivor

The diagnosis, the countless visits to the doctor, trying to stay strong for your family, for yourself. Throughout the dizzying, emotional roller coaster ride that is Breast Cancer, no one tells you that even after surgery, you’re still not finished. I found out for myself in December 2010.

After my mastectomy I was at my most vulnerable – crying everyday, feeling disfigured and physically embarrassed. The last thing I wanted to do was to take off my clothes for a stranger in order to be measured for a prosthesis – especially one that would turn out to be expensive, uncomfortable, and exceptionally impractical. To say nothing of the fact that you can’t begin to wear one for quite some time after surgery. And so began the creation of Ta-Tas To Go.

Like most active, energetic women, I enjoy a large array of daily activities. I like to swim, stretch, and sweat – all without worrying about my ta-ta sliding down or popping out. With traditional prosthesis this is impossible. Even if you could afford to buy the special bras and swimsuits needed to enjoy everyday activities, their heavy silicone makeup often causes them to slip out of place and lead to irritating skin rashes. I was determined to find something better.

After a long, but highly comedic journey experimenting with gauze, water balloons, rice, Play-Doh (yes, Play-Doh), and small glass beads, I finally found it. The perfect wear anywhere, under anything, and feel fantastic ta-ta! It would be made of a breathable, washable polyester-nylon fabric and filled with tiny plastic pellets that held the same weight as a natural ta-ta, moved like a natural ta-ta, and looked dramatically better than a silicone prosthesis. Best of all, it could be worn immediately after surgery, wouldn’t require a fitting, and (drum roll) would be made available to everyone at a mere fraction of the cost of a traditional prosthesis.

This is my promise to the many women who are struggling to feel whole again, to regain their self-esteem and return to normalcy. You don’t have to stay on the roller coaster any longer. With Ta-Tas To Go, the return of your confidence is just a click away. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.